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epatherm Calcium silicate indoor climate boards

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epatherm® indoor climate boards provide healthy room airconditions in a reliable and economically beneficial way. The system is excellently suited to avoid mould and to thermally insulate the insides of building walls and ceilings. 

Indoor climate board epatherm etp
Mineral, surface-active insulating board to regulate room air conditions. It absorbs moisture and prevents mould growth.

Dimensions: 100 x 75 cm, thicknesses: 30 and 50 mm, as a special design thicknesses of 20 to 160 mm are available. Also available: reveal boards and thermal wedges (wedge-shaped ceiling- and wall-connected boards).
Packaging: on throw-away pallets with edge protection and shrink film. Store weatherproof.

epatherm® indoor climate boards are purely mineral and consist of line, quartz, sand and water. They are incombustable and have excellent noise reducing effects. A high PH value prevents any new mould.

How does it work ?
  • Millions of highly surface-active micropores open to diffusion absorb potential moisture and gradually emit it to the indoor air. The board surface, however, remains constantly dry. The thousandfold proved system is produced of purely mineral natural building materials such as chalk and sand, according to the latest technology.
  • The high-quality calcium silicate boards can be mounted in a time-saving and flexible way and are successfully used in living spaces, churches, structures historically worth of protection, vault constructions, half-timbered houses and in moisture-proof spaces. They have excellent features from the building design aspect, are not flammable and are simultaneously noise-reducing.
  • With epatherm® you opt for an enduring and save solution with which you save energy costs and permanently avoid mould. And with which you create a comfortable climate for you and your family.

  • Interior insulation
  • Interior rehabilitation of residential buildings
  • Avoidance of mould
  • Regulation of room air conditions
  • Dry mortarless constructions & half-timbered houses
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of moisture-proof spaces and cellars
  • Insulation of thermal bridges according to applicable standards

epasit® is the only supplier of indoor climate boards, who has been examined according to the strict quality guidelines of the Sentinel-Haus Institut and who is recommended as to consultancy and building projects according to the Sentinel-Haus concept. The renowned institute offers architects, building owners and fabricators a contractually guaranteed high-quality indoor air - a probably unparalleled guarantee for building materials throughout Europe. For the epochal challenge to modernise existing buildings, epasit offers professional and healthy system components, which contribute to the fact that human beings feel comfortable in their homes
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